April 21st - Probably the most important date in your calendar this year!

Here at Pixelghetto, we have been telling you for a long time that having a Responsive Web Site (that is a website that works perfectly on your PC, Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Phone) is really important. See Responsive Web Design article.


Now it is imperative!

Google have recently announced that from April 21st 2015, they will be changing their search algorithm to adapt to latest trends, in particular the huge number of people who now use mobile devices to access the Internet.

Starting April 21, Google will be expanding their use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal and this will have a significant impact in their search results.

What Google are basically saying is that if someone is using a mobile device such as a smart phone and they are looking for something on Google, only websites that are mobile-friendly will be shown in search results.

Let's do the maths! 50-60% of all Internet access now happens on a mobile device, therefore if your website is NOT mobile friendly by April 21, it will not be accessible to the majority of your future customers. Bear in mind that the largest group of individuals that access the web via mobile devices are those in the age group 16-34 and the news is even worse for any business reliant on young people being able to visit the front door to your business (your website).

If you want to hear this news directly from Google, then here is the link - Finding more mobile-friendly search results.

If you are not sure whether your website is mobile-friendly or not, Google have provided a tool that will allow you to check some of your pages - Mobile-Friendly Test.

Mobile-friendly test

Is your business ready for the April Google update? If not, contact Pixelghetto and we will help you to be mobile friendly.